Alfred Wallis and the sea

Pupils have explored ‘Under the Sea’ as a theme this year. They have contributed to the large mural piece in the main gallery space, each pupil exploring a different animal or item you might discover under the sea.

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As part of the exploration theme , year 7 pupils have looked at the paintings of  Alfred Wallis.

Alfred Wallis worked as a  fisherman in  Cornwall. He was self taught and never had an art lesson in his life.  His paintings are an excellent example of what we call ‘naive’ art. Perspective and scale are ignored in these paintings and the size of objects is often related to their  level of importance to the artist. Pupils have tried to capture the colour and spirit of Alfred Wallis’ paintings  in their artist copies. Pupils have used oil pastels to recreate the texture and movement of the sea.

Pupils have also made clay sea horses as part of this project.

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