Great Pottery Throw Down

Exciting times for us throwers and bake off fans alike. The week was beginning to look very empty  without a weekly dose of the wholesome Mary Berry and the steely eyed Paul Hollywood testing for the ‘perfect rise’. I personally love the competition and the inherent joy there is in watching people make things. Ok maybe they are just picking the contestants because they make ‘good’ television, but regardless of that, these people have a real love and a passion for what they do. Putting yourself out there and being prepared for the rest of the world to watch you fail is not to be taken lightly. The Great British Throw Down’ has finally returned to fill the void of the bake off. This year a fresh faced group of potters will bring  the joy of centering back into our lives. Ryan, a model from Ipswich is already making ‘waves’ by winning pot of the week, and the technical challenge by throwing the tallest cone. Impressive. Check out the next episode Thursday BBC 2 at 8.00 pm. The program also has a great soundtrack. Whats not to love?

Gorgeous Ryan had the BBC viewers going potty

Ryan’s blue and white dinner service came tops

Winning dinner service thrown by Ryan, inspired by his grandmother

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