Last Friday all Year 10 artists took part in an artists workshop led by William Ashley-Norton. Joe Loughran had the opportunity to do a quick  interview with the visiting artist. Check out his interview below. Visit for more information about CHICKEN wired workshops and sculpture kits. Many thanks to William for a terrific workshop!

wire workshop 002

Artist William Norton and Joe

Artist William and Joe talking about his work

Why did you start making Art?

“I started making Art because one day my dad asked me to do the fencing and I ended up making a dragon out of the wire. From this day on, I have always been making art using wire.”

Why did you choose to make animals?

“I chose to make animals because I wanted to see how far I could test myself, animals come in all shapes and sizes so they are a good challenge and each and every one of them is unique.”

Why did you choose to work with Chicken wire?

“I chose chicken wire because there is nothing you can’t do with it, they can be made into any shape and size. You can also add a lot of detail to it as well as being able to make 3D art.”

What is the biggest thing you’ve ever made?

“In 2006, I made a 12ft man called Colossus; it took me 3 weeks to make him. I spent 4-5 hours a day working on him.”

What artists inspire you?

“David Begbie inspired me to make wire art, I love the way he uses different details in wire to make different shades in the wire.”

When did you first realize you could do Art workshops professionally?

“I had an exhibition in 2006 where different art teachers approached me asking whether I could do this as a workshop for kids, so during that summer I did a few workshops and since then I’ve increased how many workshops I’ve done and continued to this day.”

Interview By Joe Loughran

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