Wicked willow with Artist Caroline Gregson

Over the course of yesterday and today Year 10 pupils have been involved in an exciting workshop with willow artist Caroline Gregson. Pupils have been creating  bird forms which they are weaving from rods of willow. The sculptures begin as rather untidy balls of twigs but as more willow is added forms begin to emerge and take shape. We have really enjoyed having Caroline here to work with us, and would like to thank her again for sharing her skills and knowledge of this incredibly versatile material with us. We will definitely be trying it out again in the future.

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Many thanks!


Art show 2017

We would like to thank all the visitors who came to see our annual art show this year, your support is much appreciated by both staff and pupils.  If you missed the opportunity to see any of the work this year the show will remain up for the remainder of this term and into next term. Featured below are some high lights from the show;

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Art Show 2017

Why not come and pay a visit to the  Art department end of year show. We will be open from 6-9pm this Thursday evening. This is a great opportunity to see what students have created over the duration of their art course. There will be work on display by lower school pupils , GCSE AS and A level Art students. All welcome. Refreshments provided.

Art poster eye painting created by GCSE Art student Amit Gossal

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Keith Tyson: Turn Back Now


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Great Pottery Throw Down

Exciting times for us throwers and bake off fans alike. The week was beginning to look very empty  without a weekly dose of the wholesome Mary Berry and the steely eyed Paul Hollywood testing for the ‘perfect rise’. I personally love the competition and the inherent joy there is in watching people make things. Ok maybe they are just picking the contestants because they make ‘good’ television, but regardless of that, these people have a real love and a passion for what they do. Putting yourself out there and being prepared for the rest of the world to watch you fail is not to be taken lightly. The Great British Throw Down’ has finally returned to fill the void of the bake off. This year a fresh faced group of potters will bring  the joy of centering back into our lives. Ryan, a model from Ipswich is already making ‘waves’ by winning pot of the week, and the technical challenge by throwing the tallest cone. Impressive. Check out the next episode Thursday BBC 2 at 8.00 pm. The program also has a great soundtrack. Whats not to love?

Gorgeous Ryan had the BBC viewers going potty

Ryan’s blue and white dinner service came tops

Winning dinner service thrown by Ryan, inspired by his grandmother

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The pleasures of the Flesh

I recently paid a visit to the lovely medieval walled city of York. Part of the reason for my visit was to see the newly refurbished  Art gallery. York now hosts the Center for the Ceramic Arts, and I wanted to see how they had transformed the gallery space and what was in the collection itself. I was not disappointed. Having a real passion for ceramics I was deeply impressed by the outstanding collection they have on display. The ceramic center itself is situated on the upper floor of the building, as soon as you enter the second floor you are met with an instillation piece. A structure covered in Bowls . Communities of helpers within York and beyond have assisted the artist Claire Twomey in the production of the bowls. Each bowl takes an hour to make and represents one of the 10,000 hours it is said to take to become a master craftsman.Its pretty impressive and awe inspiring when you think about it that way. There are also cases all around this room, displaying ceramics by some of the worlds best know potters, my particular favorites being those by Lucie Rie, James Tower and Hans Coper. These cabinets are full of pots with personality. Quiet pots, loud pots, huge and tiny pots weird and wonderful pots, reflecting the makers own individual quirkiness and skill in working with his wonderfully versatile material we call clay.  The back gallery features a rainbow wall of pots categorizing  by colour. Touch screens enable you to locate and find information about each individual piece on display.





Pottery is at once the simplest and the most difficult of all arts’
Herbert Read, 1931

The adjoining gallery had work curated and made by the artist Mark Herald . Vibrant sketchbooks collage work and cobalt horses fill this space. This is a temporary exhibition.

Downstairs on the ground floor is another new gallery space, its very smart, currently exhibiting a show called ‘Flesh’. This show had on display some terrific paintings from Peter Paul Rubens to more ‘shocking’ modern works by Jenny Saville. There was also sculpture by artists inducing Barry Flanagan. The works were both amusing, shocking and beautiful in equal measure. The only downside is that this Gallery used to be free to the public now, due to cuts in funding: you have to pay to see any of the work exhibited here you can however buy an annual ticket.  I think it’s worth it. Flesh continues at the York Center for Ceramic Arts until the 19th of March.


Sculpture by Barry Flanagan                 Sand and Muslin



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A chip off the old block with Artist Simon kent

Last week all Year 9 Artists were involved in the breeze block carving workshop. Simon has visited us a few times before and the student have always really  enjoyed this workshop. Our theme this year was organic forms so students have designed and carved abstract pieces based on shells plant and animal forms. Many thanks again to Simon Kent for coming in and running this very popular workshop.


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If you missed this incredibly powerful piece of public art which took place all over the country to commemorate those who died during the  battle of the Somme 100 years ago in France on the 1st Of July, then you can check it out through this link. I found it very powerful and one of the most moving pieces of performance art I have seen in a very long time.


Perhaps it is poignant time to remember that we are here because they are not.

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Last Friday all Year 10 artists took part in an artists workshop led by William Ashley-Norton. Joe Loughran had the opportunity to do a quick  interview with the visiting artist. Check out his interview below. Visit www.chickenwired.com for more information about CHICKEN wired workshops and sculpture kits. Many thanks to William for a terrific workshop!

wire workshop 002

Artist William Norton and Joe

Artist William and Joe talking about his work

Why did you start making Art?

“I started making Art because one day my dad asked me to do the fencing and I ended up making a dragon out of the wire. From this day on, I have always been making art using wire.”

Why did you choose to make animals?

“I chose to make animals because I wanted to see how far I could test myself, animals come in all shapes and sizes so they are a good challenge and each and every one of them is unique.”

Why did you choose to work with Chicken wire?

“I chose chicken wire because there is nothing you can’t do with it, they can be made into any shape and size. You can also add a lot of detail to it as well as being able to make 3D art.”

What is the biggest thing you’ve ever made?

“In 2006, I made a 12ft man called Colossus; it took me 3 weeks to make him. I spent 4-5 hours a day working on him.”

What artists inspire you?

“David Begbie inspired me to make wire art, I love the way he uses different details in wire to make different shades in the wire.”

When did you first realize you could do Art workshops professionally?

“I had an exhibition in 2006 where different art teachers approached me asking whether I could do this as a workshop for kids, so during that summer I did a few workshops and since then I’ve increased how many workshops I’ve done and continued to this day.”

Interview By Joe Loughran

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Thank you

We the Art Department would like to thank all the boys, parents and guests who came to see the Art Show this year. We appreciate it is a busy time of year for all and it was great to see those who attended. This is a real opportunity for the whole school community  to celebrate the hard work achieved by students. If you were unable to make the show work will still be up until September so do pop in and take a look. One of the Art staff will be more than happy to show you around.

 Naim Rahman in front of his coursework

Naim Rahman in front of his coursework


art show 005

By Nathaniel Davidson

By Nathaniel Davidson

By Emma Corden

By Emma Corden

art picks for planner 004

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